Friends of the Festival

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Blue Mountain Festival is incorporated as a 501(c3) non-profit and approved as a public charity under section 170 of the IRS Tax Code.  BMF is committed to creating exceptional musical opportunities for children and young adults, and to making those opportunities accessible to families from all socio-economic backgrounds.  Your donation can help make this possible.

Board of Directors

Milka Verhaegen, President
Mark Weinglass, Vice-President
Robin MacDonald, Treasurer
Susan Gaylord, Secretary
Lisa Bentz, Community Outreach
Harold Levin, Community Outreach
Helena May, Fundraising
Ram Pemmireddy, Fundraising
Fang Teng, Fundraising
Xi Shen, Fundraising
Priscilla Allman, Alumni Advisor


You are invited to put your name on our list of valued volunteers at the Blue Mountain Festival. Volunteers are the backbone of the Festival. We couldn't achieve the excellent quality of our educational and performance events without them. Each year the Blue Mountain Festival grows in community support and the quality of its programs. If you would like to help to make the upcoming season the most successful yet, you can volunteer to provide much needed assistance in helping us produce Festival activities and events. For more information please contact Sherri Anderson, Executive Director, at (484) 832-4660. 

Supporting the Blue Mountain Festival

Funding for the Blue Mountain Festival comes from the following sources: student tuition fees, individual cash gifts, business & corporate sponsorships, government and private foundation grants, and in-kind donations. Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely on the generous support of outside sources. If you would like to help the Festival with financial support, please contact Milka Verhaegen, President at (484) 832-4660.

BMF Donors for the 2016-2017 Season

BMF Benefactors ($5,000+)

BMF Patrons ($1,000+)
Dr. Caralee Capone and Dr. Howard Bethel
Cathy Ferarra and Ken Fleischer
The Kaul Family
Hillary Lee and Gray Safford
Harold A. Levin Scholarship
The Lo-Weinglass Family
Helena May and Michael Zammit
The Pemmireddy Family
PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program
Xi Shen and Fang Teng
Caroline Strobel
Qian Wang and Wenquing Yao
Jackie Zins

BMF Sponsors ($500+)
Sharon and Herbert Anderson
Paul and Julie Mouravierff
Aizi Shi
The Song Family
Milka and Thierry Verhaegen

Friends of BMF ($100+)
Martha Ebert-Baum
Stacy Bentz
Annie and Parker Block
Helene Buchen
Patricia Crudo
Yingzi Deng
Alcia Gordon
Liqun Gu
Fenghua Liang and Zhiqin Huang
Yafei Huang
LL Family Foundation
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co
Samuel Lavery
Virginia MacDonald
Princeton LL Insurance Group
Fei Tian and Ping Qiu
Ruby and Robert Schmidt
Evan Shieh
Stephanie Sindler
Jean and Stephen Snyder
Kelley and Christopher Tharp
Christine Tu and Weicheng Cai
Jill Turndorf

Supporters of BMF
Yun Bai
Yijin Chu and Jun Yuan
Carolyn S. Ford
JP Morgan Chase
Robin MacDonald
Susan Jean Remmers
The Saltarelli Family
The Weng Family
Amy and Cliff Wulfman

Thank You
BMF would also like to acknowledge our many annual donors who donated to the Stretto Youth Chamber Orchestra Tour of China last year. Stretto is now an independent non-profit, and so these donors will be listed on the Stretto website. Thank you to all for the continued support of the children and youth in our community.

Kots Violins

The donor list is current as of Aug 15, 2017. If there are any errors or omissions please contact BMF at

Blue Mountain Festival • PO Box 2373 • Boothwyn, PA 19061 • Phone: 732-798-6599 • Email: