Frequently Asked Questions

What is the underlying philosophy of the Festival?
The Blue Mountain Festival is based on the principle that learning, personal growth and musical performance thrive best in a non-competitive atmosphere of challenge and support. The faculty values each student not only as an aspiring musician, but also as a human being. We firmly believe that working together in musical ensembles teaches important values such as respect, communication, patience, good judgment, teamwork, organizational skills, and goal setting. It is our desire to create an environment where a rigorous structure will help students gain the technical skills they need and where great music and positive feedback will provide them with the inspiration to enjoy both practice and performance.

What is the origin of the Blue Mountain Festival?
The Festival was founded in 2003 when it inaugurated its first season.

Do you accept beginning students at the camp?
At this point we do not.

How are the students supervised during recreation?
During recreation time students are supervised by the Directors, Camp Manager, Camp Nurse and the counselor staff. The ratio of campers to staff is 4:1.

What have parents said about the camp?
“My daughter attended the inaugural summer camp session in 2003 and loved every minute of it! The balance between theory and performance practices leading up to her solo and chamber recitals during the last week of camp was perfect for her. The entire experience carried over very smoothly to her school year music program at Westminster Conservatory in Princeton where she now regularly plays with a chamber ensemble. Beyond that, she has made lasting friendships with her campmates, whom she looks forward to seeing and playing with again during the 2005 Festival.”   -- Robin Fried

What performances can I expect my child to participate in during the camp?
All students participate in the final chamber concert. Other performance and Masterclass participants are determined by the faculty. It is not to be assumed that only the most advanced students are chosen for additional performances, rather the decisions are made based on which students have repertoire prepared for an outstanding performance at each individual level.

How can I make a Tax deductible donation to the Festival?
Donations can be made anytime through our paypal link or by sending a tax-deductible donation to:

     Blue Mountain Festival
     PO Box 2373
     Boothwyn, PA 19061

A donation receipt will be provided for all donations.

How will my donation be used?
Donations can provide a scholarship for a musically qualified student or help pay the music teaching staff during the Festival.

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